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Shebang Security work with home owners and landlords to protect their families and possessions.

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Protecting your home and loved ones has never been as important. Being proactive is key, as is ensuring security measures inside and outside your home are appropriate for your requirements. With over 20 years of experience we know what’s right to keep your home safe.

All homes are different and need an experienced specialist to recommend and install a system that utilises the latest in technology, is approved and is supported by excellent customer service. Some of the security services and products we provide include:

Intruder Alarms
A well installed and well monitored intruder alarm protects your home. We have a range of alarms that can notify you of an intrusion, whilst ensuring false alarms are kept to a minimum. These can be integrated into a CCTV system, providing instant notification to your mobile, or to our monitoring centre. Learn More >>

Active CCTV
With crime costing the UK an estimated £35bn a year, a CCTV system is becoming a necessary deterrent. Our wide range of CCTV options gives you the peace of mind that your property is secured. Learn More >>

Remote Video Surveillance
We all have different residential security needs, some may benefit from a monitored remote surveillance service. This gives residents the reassurance that their property is being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The costs for this service are not as high as people think and are a small price to pay for the level of protection offered. Learn More >>

Smoke Cloaking
Smoke Cloaking is a relatively new security feature that is taking home protection to the next level. It’s activated as soon as a break in is detected, with the area filled with an impenetrable, but harmless fog. In the reduced visibility an intruder is forced to leave the building. Learn More >>

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